Sellers | Orchestrating Your Sale

Selling a home is much like a movie production, with countless moving parts. As your real estate advisors, The AW Team acts as both director and producer, working in concert with you to execute the successful sale of your home.

Different than a film set which involves actors, makeup artists, set designers and more, The AW Team coordinates myriad contractors, vendors, graphic designers, stagers, movers and other key players—all performing together to transform your home and display it as best as possible to entice the greatest number of interested Buyers and ultimately obtain the highest possible price.

Announcing the availability of your home, much like drawing an audience to the theater, is only half of the marketing process—and something The AW Team does exceptionally well, serving up sophisticated and attractive marketing collateral through a mix of tech-forward and traditional delivery methods. Once the interest of Buyers is garnered, the real work begins in addressing Buyers’ questions and concerns, all while protecting your selling interests.

To that end, the most critical role they play is that of negotiator. The AW Team has a proven track record of negotiating more than $400 million in real estate transactions, applying their unique backgrounds in law and engineering to craft and execute winning strategies to best leverage today’s “Seller’s Market” to optimize your returns. And once your home is in escrow, they continue to see the transaction through final sign-off and delivery of keys.

They also understand and specialize in sales that necessitate great depth of knowledge and expertise, which include some of life’s most challenging moments. They handle all of their sellers’ situations with sensitivity and a personal touch, to ensure your transaction and move is a relatively easy one.