Buyers | Preparing You to Win

Home buying in the San Francisco Bay area falls between a full contact sport and the business of day trading. It’s a tough, competitive act. However, we believe that well coached clients can win—often in the first round.

From the moment you engage The AW Team, they focus their time on turning you, the client, into an expert in the buying process.

They often hear from other agents and buyers that after several months and multiple offers, they haven’t had any luck purchasing a home. The AW Team doesn’t believe in luck or settling for a home that’s not what you want. Rather, they know that proper advice and guidance creates opportunities for you to succeed in a shorter period of time.

They help you cut through the endless stream of information bombarding you, prioritizing your wants and needs so that you can make sound, confident decisions, versus throwing luck to the wind.

Specifically, they educate you on local market conditions, financing options, available homes, seller motivations and the overall buying process, for each step of the purchase process. More often than not, they advise clients to pass on homes, because they want you to purchase the right home.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving up to a larger home or an investor seeking an income-generating property, they focus on the relationship, not the transaction. They strive to build life-long partnerships with each client, so they can be there for all your real estate-related matters, now and for years to come.